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MyCiTi services

MyCiTi services launch on Saturday, 15 February, linking central Cape Town with Hout Bay via Main Road in Sea Point. Commuters must get their myconnect cards to use these new services.Both routes run from Civic Centre station in the city centre along Main Road through Green Point and Sea Point, Clifton and Camps Bay and on to Llandudno and Hout...

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Tennis Court

 July 2013

Floodlights installed on Lower Tennis Court


Exciting news for tennis players.

Rules and Guidelines are in place to ensure consideration of residents and control light pollution.



Llandudno Sports Club Website: http://www.llandudnosportsclub.co.za


There a few rules and guidelines that all members need to abide by, and the approvals received from the LCA and City Council were based on certain assurances given to them.  The rules are the wall where the switches are for the lights.
1.       The floodlights can only be used up to 9pm on week nights and 10pm on weekend nights.

          (Weekend nights are Friday and Saturday. Sunday is considered a week night).

          Please ensure these cut-off times are respected.
2.       Tennis etiquette must be adhered to at all times.
3.       The LSC Committee reserves the right to prohibit any member from playing in the evenings

          should that member disregard the rules.
4.       There are 2 switches for the lights, one for each side of the court.
5.       Both switches are housed in a casing that is mounted on the wall on the side of the wellness

          centre building.  Please ensure you padlock the casing when you  switch the lights off after

          your game.
6.       The lights are halide, and take 3-4 minutes to warm-up and reach their full brightness.
7.       Charging for useage - refer to LSC website.
8.       Court bookings for evening times - refer to LSC website.


History of the Llandudno Sports Club


Llandudno Sports Club



The first tennis court was built in 1961 through the endeavors of Mr. Grant Hockman who obtained a loan from the then Divisional Council.

Mr Gray Holland initiated and built the present clubhouse.



Two squash and two tennis courts are available.


The Squash Section has several mens’ and ladies’ league teams and also play social evenings.



The Tennis section has league teams for men and women
Juniors Scheduled slots are available for Juniors
Coaching Coach is available