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MyCiTi services

MyCiTi services launch on Saturday, 15 February, linking central Cape Town with Hout Bay via Main Road in Sea Point. Commuters must get their myconnect cards to use these new services.Both routes run from Civic Centre station in the city centre along Main Road through Green Point and Sea Point, Clifton and Camps Bay and on to Llandudno and Hout...

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Llandudno is an open community providing access to two of South Africa’s finest beaches and surrounding national park. All of the streets are public with neither booms nor entrance requirements. The streets in the old section are narrow with limited public parking and we ask that everyone respect the parking regulations for the safety and enjoyment of all.

Make sure you do the right thing.

Llandudno enjoys amongst the lowest crime in the country.  See below a link to the latest figures.  Also note therein…is an explanation of how the data is collected and the figures calculated.


Residents who wish to join the Llandudno Neighborhood Watch then you are requested to purchase a VHF Radio as follows:

While the SRA is providing an early-warning perimeter detection system (long-range thermal cameras and other confidential sensors); for the Individual Streets/Cul-de-Sacs Cameras…we still have to rely on specifically donated cameras.  This is the precedent already set long-ago…so we have to stick to it; otherwise in-fairness we would have to refund the prior donations for the many cameras already installed.  So that is where we have drawn-the-line: Street/Cul-de-Sac cameras are donations….Long-Range Thermals & Sensors are SRA.  Additionally, the existing infrastructure to support communications and monitoring of these cameras is limited; so some discretion has to be exercised by the SRA administrators in how-many and what view the cameras are adding to the overall community security.  If any home-owner or group-of-home-owners wants to contribute; please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  The general specification is:

Many residents have opposing view-points on the important issue of security; so the SRA feel it is fair to include representative comments herein.  Any comments can be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..