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MyCiTi services

MyCiTi services launch on Saturday, 15 February, linking central Cape Town with Hout Bay via Main Road in Sea Point. Commuters must get their myconnect cards to use these new services.Both routes run from Civic Centre station in the city centre along Main Road through Green Point and Sea Point, Clifton and Camps Bay and on to Llandudno and Hout...

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Will be updated on 01 December 2017 with new Info & Changes Going Into Effect as Presented at AGM

The LSEC (Llandudno Security Committee) herein provides the following information concerning the existing Llandudno Security System and proposed upgrades.   Some of this information has only recently become available and will be updated with any new information as and when.  A big thank you to numerous volunteers supporting the community security efforts detailed below, including some individuals who initially or still do not support the levy increase.  Note that any questions/comments, or offers for assistance, can be send to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  1. Emergency Procedure - In case of a crime emergency it is advised to trigger your home alarm and then call Watchcon (see below) at 021 790 9333 or 082 883 6142. ..test your home alarm at least monthly!


  1. Government -
    1. COCT - City of Cape Town collects rates/taxes for common services but allows for communities who want additional services...to draft a legally acceptable MOI (Memorandum of Incorporation under the Companies Act; which includes details of the election of an unpaid volunteer Board & annual public budget voting process). If they achieve a 60% vote in favor of this MOI they can form an SRA.
    2. SRA - Special Rating Area; www.llandudno.org.za/special-rating-area.html; was approved and started on 1 July 2014. In accordance with the procedures detailed in the MOI...the SRA has the ability to levy a mandatory tax/levy which appears on residential rate bills as "Improvement District". 
    3. Need for Levy - This increased significantly on 01JUL17 after a series of public meetings & dialogues that resulted in a widely attended public vote for an amended security budget with other very minor admin corrections & additions. This vote passed based on One-ERF=One-Vote.  It was called due to public insistence following a particularly bad series of home-robberies in Llandudno from OCT16 to APR17; which occurred concurrently with the same category increasing in the Hout Bay (see: www.crimestatssa.com/precinct.php?id=1081; ref: "Robbery at residential premises"; see below for improved/updated statistics).  Note that while overall reported crimes numbers in Hout Bay have been on a decrease for the past 3 years; the category covering Home Robberies has been on the rise...and likewise in Llandudno.
    4. Scope for Levy - The SRA recommended that a budget be approved based on the objective to appoint a 24-hour Tactical Response Team, supported by a more comprehensive network of cameras. A detailed plan could not be provided at the time; as such a plan would require the technical & administrative inputs of many service providers that otherwise would not freely participate unless it was certain that the funds were available for a potential contract. 
    5. Amount of Levy - Unfortunately, enhancing the existing security contracted services was not viable, as the COCT reminded the SRA's that they are not allowed to negotiate on-behalf of residents with regard to their Home-Alarm contracts. Therefore a goal of obtaining R 150,000 per month was recommended by the SRA based on budgetary figures received during unsuccessful prior attempts to similarly enhance security thru donations alone.  The law requires such levies to be based on property value...so the impact on individual home-owners will be dependent upon the late-release of the new property valuations figured.  This ultimately led to the levy amount of R 58.14 per month per one million rand of property value (incl. VAT).  While the SRA addresses many other community issues, including security, the primary job of addressing crime is still with SAPS.
    6. SAPS - South African Police Service; can always be contacted directly at 10111 (Emergency) or 021 791 8660 (Hout Bay); however, see Watchcon below. SAPS engages with community issues via CPF.


  1. Greater Community
    1. CPF - Community Policing Forum: for any complaints / issues with SAPS residents are free to contact the CPF Chairman directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or they can relay their concerns thru the LSEC Chairman Carel de Ridder, by contacting him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., who will then liaise with the Executive Committee of the HBNW to escalate such issues.
    2. HBNW - Hout Bay Neighborhood Watch; http://www.houtbaywatch.com; is a non-profit registered umbrella organization for up to 27 different area/neighborhoods that are grouped into 8 "Blocks". Llandudno area is in Block 1 with Mount Rhodes & Ruyteplaats. HBNW make use of Vodacom's free service app called "Link" (ex "Ttrumpet") which is an alert system and database that logs crime events  for all of Hout Bay combined with Llandudno...but not separately for Llandudno (note that the SAPS database operates similarly by "Precinct").  Link also has a pinned map of criminal events in the area, but that only goes back the last 3-months.  Unfortunately, as of 31AUG16 Link was taken over by Vodacom and stopped providing tabular data-downloads for the archives.  Efforts to reinstate this and get an additional column of data to enable further subdivision by neighborhoods have been unsuccessful...but are ongoing.  However, resident volunteers very recently manually extracted the historical Llandudno specific data from the HBNW website; so as to create our own Llandudno specific statistics (see secure section of HBWN website under Neighbourhoods), to be updated monthly from the HBNW database going-forward.  The HBNW channel on Link can be accessed by LNW members via the instructions on the HBNW website.  HBNW manages Watchcon with donations and assistance from security companies.
    3. Watchcon - 021 790 9333 or 082 883 6142; is a 24-hours communications hub for all of Hout Bay (including Llandudno) manned by paid staff. In case of a crime emergency Watchcon will immediately contact the Llandudno dedicated ADT-Fidelity Patrol Car (‘Hotel 4’) as well as SAPS, on your behalf.  Watchcon also serves as an operations base for CCP.
    4. CCP - https://www.ccphoutbay.co.za/ is a non-profit organization in Hout Bay (including Llandudno) manned by paid staff (manager: J.J. de Villiers) to which the SRA currently donates R 10,000 per month. CCP provides the following services to Llandudno:  Unarmed Tactical Response Back-Up to our Existing ADT-Fidelity home armed response vehicle, coordination of security operations with other Neighborhood Watch blocks in the valley, intelligence gathering, alert issuance & management via WhatsApp, and outreach program to the local community in Hangberg and IY.  CCP has also provided consultation of the planned security upgrades for Llandudno.  CCP also manages their own crime database; and LSEC supports efforts to find a way to combine the appropriate information contained in both the CCP & Link databases...and create a single system in the future.  CCP’s performance relative to Llandudno is overseen by LSEC.


  1. Local Community
    1. LSEC - Llandudno Security Committee: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. was established by the LCA (Llandudno Civic Association). On the formation of the SRA all of its equipment was purchased-by & responsibilities were transferred-to the SRA.  The LSEC works closely with the Environmental Chair Huck Endersby of the SRA to ensure that public-spaces & green-belts are maintained so-as to minimize their negative impact on security while still fulfilling the SRA’s environmental protection mandate.  The Environmental Chair also facilitates liaising with SANParks and City Council’s Recreation & Parks to address common problems.  Carel de Ridder chairs the LSEC...which also manages the LNW.
    2. LNW - Llandudno Neighborhood Watch; is a group of volunteers who respond to crimes...members with radio’s are linked via a VHF network to Watchcon in Hout Bay...and radios are provided to our local ADT-Fidelity patrollers. The radio system is maintained by a HBNW volunteer, Johan van Blerk.  To join the LNW you must do so via the HBNW (see the instructions on the website)...this website will also advise you of the details of purchasing a radio as a LNW member.  To receive timely crime alerts, the LNW maintains 2 WhatsApp groups for different parts of Llandudno (group size are limited, hence the 2 groups formed).  To join the group for your area, contact Margie Mackenzie 083 253 2755.  You can view an explanation of the division of 2 groups, and rules for participation, on the Website.  LNW volunteers also assist in keeping an eye on the car-guards at the main beach & Sandy Bay parking lots (donating bibs, limiting guard numbers by issuing I.D.s, maintaining contacts).  When responding to a crime...the LNW works closely with ADT-Fidelity,

Note:    Community volunteers are urgently needed – so please step forward and assist: responding to issues, admin & communication, website maintenance, fielding questions, supervision & monitoring of contractors, providing technical support.


  1. Contractors -
    1. ADT-Fidelity Home Contracts - Emergencies 086 12 12 301; Tech/Admin/Commercial 086 12 12 300; Lee Palmer This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; provides Home Alarm Response contracts to those residents who wish to voluntarily subscribe to this service. Such a contract enables ADT-Fidelity staff to legally enter your property in an emergency and includes: monitoring & responding to home-alarms via a single dedicated patrol car & armed responder ("Hotel 4"), 24-hour unarmed guard at top-hut, night-time unarmed guard at Sandy Bay parking area, night-time unarmed dog patrol, and armed back-up responder from Hout Bay if necessary & available.  ADT-Fidelity is not contractually obligated to respond to crimes/suspicious-activity that occurs on roads or public spaces.  This can only be done by SAPS or a specifically contracted dual-member TRT (Tactical-Response-Team). 
    2. ADT-Fidelity TRT - A TRT is NOT allowed to respond to a home-alarm by entering your home...unless they have a direct contract with the home-owner to-do-so (and this is a level of private security that is normally much more expensive); conversely, they cannot viably patrol public-spaces without an agreement with the local community body. However, pending completion of the bidding/contracting process for such a TRT to cover all our public-spaces (see below), ADT-Fidelity has elected to provide, as a gesture of goodwill, in lieu off their night-time dog-patrol with a free temporary night-time TRT.  Their call sign is "Tango 1" and receives instructions primarily via the ADT-Fidelity response vehicle (“Hotel 4”).
    3. ADT-Fidelity Communications - the armed patrol teams (Hotel 4 and Tango 1) & the ADT-Fidelity Supervisor in Hout Bay...all have: LNW Watch Radios, kept on our Channel 3, PTT Cell Phones, and also Guard Radios (all of these are 2-way communications). The Guards at the Entrance Hut and Sandy-Bay Hut have Guard Radios; but are not on the LNW radio network.  In addition to their own Home-Alarm notification system, ADT-Fidelity receives notifications of real-time video & alerts generated from our existing community camera system.  This system is monitored 24-hours per day by the SRA's contractor Verifier.
    4. Verifier - is a contractor that provides 24-hour security camera monitoring services to many companies & communities. They monitor our cameras 24/7 and directly notify the ADT-Fidelity Patrol Car, as well as Watchcon and LSEC on a dedicated LNW WhatsApp group...when any crime or suspicious activity is noted/alarmed.  Alerts are managed in their control room on VMS (Video Management System) software: Avigilon-View for alerts by the analytics, Hikvision 4200 for mapping, and Visec for LPR triggers.  Alerts are set on the cameras’ Video Motion Detection (VMD) onboard firmware, within Video Analytics via Avigilon/Railto software, or the Visec LPR software.
    5. LPR - License Plate Recognition; is run via the Visec software that uses the LPRCloudSA database to alert Verifier whenever a vehicle with a flagged license plate is detected as entering Llandudno. The database lists the vehicles of known criminal groups as well as any suspect license plates entered by volunteers thru out the Cape Town area.  The system is in compliance with the POPI Act.  Additionally, license plates added as having come from stolen or hijacked cars are confirmed by SAPS within 48-hours as being legitimate database entries.  SAPS unfortunately do not GIVE such numbers to be entered into the database.  This option is currently being pursued thru changes in enabling legislation.  If a resident therefore sees a criminal using a vehicle or spot a suspicious license plate...you should email all details (including vehicle description; in case of license plate that might be cloned) to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 021 795 0685 to get this information uploaded into the database soonest.  Our LPR camera, like all of our cameras, are maintained by the current SRA contractor, DSCS of Hout Bay.
    6. DSCS - Digital Safeguard CCTV Solutions - is a SRA contractor that is owned by Fred Nebe (who himself is an active HBNW volunteer) tasked with maintaining our SRA owned hardware. This includes: our ADSL router/connection (to be upgraded to Fiber- ASAP), Ubiquiti wireless radio communication system (that links all of the cameras to the control room), a Hikvision NVR that records & processes all of the images, Avigilon Railto analytics hardware & software that interprets the images in real time and alerts Verifier when any suspicious activity occurs, and a number of Optical/Infra-Red and also some Thermal cameras.


  1. Cameras (Existing) are located thru-out Llandudno. Most of the cameras, their analytics & antennas, up-to-now, have been donated by individuals and groups who want particularly vulnerable public-spaces/roads near their homes monitored; whereby the community via the SRA provides the integration, up-keep, and monthly service fees for the system.  It has been decided by the SRA Board, that in fairness to those who have already donated , the SRA will continue to solicit donation for such lower-cost cameras for all internal public spaces (for example an intersection or a cul-de-sac or an area adjoining public-land).  For information on how to donate money for the purchase of such a camera go to: http://www.llandudno.org.za/security/how-to-implement-cctv-in-your-street.html.  See below for the SRA funded upgrades for: early-warning long-range thermals, internal green-belt sensors, and increased LPR facilities.


  1. Upgrades Generally -
    1. Two Sub-Committees were formed immediately after the vote approving the new budget, consisting of resident volunteers (including some property owners who voted against the levy increase; but volunteered to make-it as effective as possible) to assist the SRA to address: i) appointing a suitable TRT (Tactical Response Teams), and ii) acquiring technology for early detection and tracking of intruders.
    2. Consultants and other NW Areas were interviewed; and it was quickly established that for the best results the LSEC should directly engage with primary supplier/contractors, utilizing these two sub-committees of residents.
    3. Effectiveness of the Tactical Response Team - was largely dependent upon the effectiveness of the Technology providing early criminal detection & location tracking; and vice versa.
    4. Coverage Fairness - noting that all areas of Llandudno have been effected by crime in the past...and that all residents are now paying for the system; a significant effort was made to ensure that both a very comprehensive (i.e. "Coast-to-Coast and Green-Belts") and an equitable-distribution of coverage were provided, with the constraint of the budget available. CCP was used as an independent 3rd party (being that none of their staff live in Llandudno) to ratify that the distribution of resources was equitable.
    5. Location of Access Points/Equipment – the sub-committee made contact and met with all of the property owners necessary to facilitate the upgrades and received their permission & support to house the community’s equipment on their premises.
    6. Alternatives Plans - were investigated and found not viable/sustainable; these included:
      1. ADT-Fidelity Home-Owner Security Contracts renegotiation/enhancement - the first choice was to just fix what we have...however, all SRA's are prohibited by law from negotiating on behalf of individual home-owner with regard to their home security contracts. Separately, contracting for viable TRT services on roads & public-spaces (necessary to intercept & pursue criminals) can only be done via a separate contract between the SRA and a Security Contractor;
      2. Perimeter Cameras - with no common community owned fence-line; installation too difficult, costly and impractical;
  • Fence - attempted in the past; too difficult to get 100% land-owner consent required, very expensive;
  1. Over-Grown Areas - clearing of alien & dead vegetation; is on-going & helpful, but alone not sufficient;
  2. Booms/Gates - not legal on a public road; not desired by many residents, require investigation (need volunteers to make separate proposal to community if desired);
  3. Street Lights - funding from the Council exists; but too controversial / unpopular;
  • Background check by using mobile fingerprint scanning equipment operated by SAPS for checking new staff/builders - not widely used; difficult to get home owners & contractors to cooperate; not easy to engage with SAPS;
  • Neighborhood Watch Patrols & Road Blocks - viewed by most prior participants as difficult to sustain given limited numbers of available LNW volunteers. A small group of LNW responders available – can only react to crime events;
  1. Drone - viable for active searches in calm weather; but not for detection during our high-risk scenarios / stormy weather, require investigation (need volunteers);
  2. Additional/Special SRA Levy Charges for Homes on Perimeter - this is specifically prohibited by the SRA governing law;
  3. Donations - significant progress has been made to date via fund raising; but enthusiasm dropped-off because many residents felt the SRA was a more equitable means to achieve the results;
  • Home Owner education/encouragement - to enhance security at their own property; a continual historical effort...that has not achieved the results desired...but ongoing (need volunteers);
  1. Budget - reviewed with SRA treasurer to estimate total available funds from donations not yet expended plus approved budget from increase levy (noting that a significant portion of the donations have come from the residents on Fisherman’s Bend – a big THANK YOU to those property owners).
  2. Legal - confirmation of option to lease equipment versus owning.
  3. Tendering Process - specified as follows, to enable passing of City audit process and public scrutiny:
    1. Pre-qualification of at-least 3 contractors for each portion, by means of a comprehensive fact-finding exercise / interviews / site visits of the industry role players by the two subcommittees, including completing check lists / scoring sheets.
    2. Drafting technical specification for approval by SRA Board.
  • Formal tendering as prescribed by Public Finance Act and City Council bye laws.
  1. Structured scoring of tender bid submissions by the LSEC Subcommittees, and then finally SRA Board review & approval.
  2. Disclosure of process and findings, and the tender outcomes on Llandudno SRA website for public scrutiny.
  1. Regional Community Neighborhood Watches - fact-finding interviews by LSEC were conducted with: Camps Bay, Hout Bay (and separately with: Ruyteplaats & Mount Rhodes), and Constantia Valley areas (and separately with Fernwood); as well as security representatives from SANParks.
  2. Home Security advice – please visit the updated information on the SRA website, with latest advice and also addressing other the issues such as noise pollution.
  3. Prosecution – LSEC has formalized the procedure for residents to follow; and details are posted on the SRA website.
  4. Outreach - to residence insisting on better transparency and those in general disagreement with the objectives of the SRA & LSEC: LSEC members have engaged property owners by contacting individuals for one-on-one or small group meetings.
  5. Testing of the Systems - after commissioning is to become the priority of the LSEC via the LNW to ensure that the system delivers what is paid-for. Residents are encouraged to get involved in ongoing supervision, and improvement thereof, for the benefit of a safe Llandudno (*please volunteer to assist!).


  1. Upgrades specifically for TRT (Tactical Response Team) -
    1. CCP (see above) is providing some temporary coverage pending issuance of a formal contract to a successful TRT bidder.
    2. ADT-Fidelity (see above) is also providing temporary coverage at night, pending issuance of a formal contract to a successful TRT bidder.
    3. ADT-Fidelity response staff are being given ongoing training on the existing security system we have in-place (for example; radio calling protocols and response procedures on community camera alerts, existing camera coverage, map nomenclature, and general radio functions).
    4. ADT-Fidelity infrastructure and operating protocols are being reevaluated and enhanced/enforced to attain the best performance in the interim.
    5. TRT contractor interviews have been conducted with all of the major providers of these services in a structured fact-finding and pre-qualification process.
    6. TRT contractor will be required to carry the necessary insurance and indemnification so as to protect the SRA and individual home-owners from the consequences of any actions by the TRT.
    7. TRT is expected to provide: 1 Vehicle, 2-specially trained/experienced staff (possibly with 1 during day & 3 at night, subject to cost budget and operational requirements), 1-certified tracking-dog, and up to date security support equipment, so as to be in Llandudno 24-hours per day, with the explicit requirement to engage criminals on public roads and surrounding lands prior to getting to our perimeter (note that this is in-addition & separate to the services provided by ADT-Fidelity as part of your individual home-alarm contracts; see above).  Besides patrolling, the TRT would be expected to also take-over management inter-alia of: the car-guards, opening & closing any access gates on paths at sunrise/sunset, and assist with the routine testing of the security technology.  Depending on the tendering process, response, and availability...the hope is that we will have the TRT in place by 01SEP17.


  1. Upgrades Specifically for Technical Equipment-
    1. Existing System - has been: documented/mapped, performance tested by LSEC, rectified/re-programmed/upgraded where needed, and re-tested successfully; so as to make the system more reliable in the interim and also suitable for handing-over to our appointed Security Integrator for future management.
    2. New Equipment Selection - after reviewing many recommendations and consultations with other communities; it was determined that is would be best for the LSEC Technical Subcommittee to subject any equipment to be used in-Llandudno to comprehensive testing on-site (see below), prior to selection.
    3. Security Integrator - was determined necessary to successfully install a complex upgrade of LSEC selected equipment while concurrently integrating and maintaining the existing equipment. Interviews have been conducted with all of the major providers of these services in a combined fact-finding and pre-qualification process; the subcommittee emphasizing our need for contractor to be willing to take-on the existing infrastructure as well as facilitate any future upgrades, using LSEC defined equipment.
    4. Top Hut - to have an improved electrical feed and misc. upgrading done.
    5. Central Technology Hub - to be upgraded for improved security and ventilation.
    6. ADSL upgrade to Fiber - planned when and where available (keeping wireless antennas as back-up WAN).
    7. LPR Upgraded - with two lane cameras and linked to multiple license plate databases.
    8. VMS - to be consolidated and to be made easily auditable by LSEC, to ensure continued performance.
    9. Analytics - re-programming & maintenance for reliable processing of images from our linked cameras.
    10. Monitors & VMS - rebid monitoring services for improved performance and effectiveness; with specific performance criteria & clear notification protocols.
    11. Sensors – besides using cameras, numerous alternative/complimentary detection technologies were experimented-with for use in the heavily over-grown areas where cameras are less effective, and some cost-effective solutions were identified for inclusion in the bidding.
    12. Camera - extensive testing was done of Long-Range Thermal PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) cameras from 4 different manufacturers (FLIR, Bosch, Pelco, and Hikvision), for a whole range of models and lens sizes. We confirmed that the concept of Long-Range Thermal detection is viable and within budget; with the consultation of CCP.  Equally significant was the testing of the accompanying VMD firmware that enables the use of this technology without significant nuisance/false alarms that would inundate/distract the monitoring company’s staff.
    13. Locations & Areas Covered - via both: i) adding long-range thermal cameras for early-warning & pursuit surveillance for the area around the outside of the entire perimeter, and ii) increased: LPR facilities, armed patrols willing & able to track, and other confidential detection technologies – also for the internal/green-belt areas. This technology is being deployed with an aim towards detection & apprehension before a crime takes place; but also will make apprehension after an incident far more likely as well.  The exact locations & areas covered by the existing & planned cameras & any other early detection equipment will have to be kept confidential so as to not inadvertently inform criminals of the extent of the coverage of our community security system.  Residents are encouraged to join the LNW to receive a one-on-one briefing for confidential details of the existing system; as well as plans for the upgrade.  Depending on the tendering process, response, and availability...the hope is that we will have the new equipment/technology in place by 01OCT17.

By: LSEC 13AUG17 (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)