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MyCiTi services

MyCiTi services launch on Saturday, 15 February, linking central Cape Town with Hout Bay via Main Road in Sea Point. Commuters must get their myconnect cards to use these new services.Both routes run from Civic Centre station in the city centre along Main Road through Green Point and Sea Point, Clifton and Camps Bay and on to Llandudno and Hout...

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Gully Road PlaygroundThere is a beautiful space surrounded by old olive trees in Llandudno with enormous potential to be a wonderful community gathering point and an open free play space for our children to explore, run, climb and have fun. The Gully Road play park is in need of upgrading. Please join us in developing this into the amazing place it can be, to be enjoyed by our community young and old. How can you get involved in this project?
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The Beach & Environs


Part of Llandudno’s magic is it’s setting; it nestles on and between Klein Leeukoppie and the Twelfth Apostle of Table Mountain overlooking the ever-changing, icy blue Atlantic.  The beach ranks with the best in the world. Its turquoise water and expanse of fine white sand partly disappears in winter during the storms, fortunately reappearing in summer when the southeasters prevail.

    Water Quality Llandudno Beach Jan 2014.pdf

(Extract from Spotter Network Newsletter - for more information www.capetowninvasives.org.za)

pompomsWhen are pompoms not a good thing?

In May of last year (2013) a report came in to EDRR of suspected Pompom weed growing in the Company Gardens in Cape Town.

llandudnoSummertime brings lots of locals and visitors to the beach.

From November to March (incl) the rule is NO DOGS on the beach between 0900 and 1800.

Sandy BayThe access to Sandy Bay is from Llandudno along the road between Camps Bay and Hout Bay or from Kronenzicht in Hout Bay.
Sandy Bay is in the SanParks Nature Reserve. There is no direct vehicle access to Sandy Bay and this prevents passers-by invading people's privacy. Sandy Bay is about a 1.5km walk from Llandudno along the coast or Kronenzicht down the steep dunes and bushy slopes.

Gardening in Llandudno

GardeningSo you’ve come to live in Llandudno and want a garden that will add to your pleasure - but if it’s roses and hydrangeas that you crave - move to Constantia. With our salt-laden nor-westers in winter and relentless sunshine interspersed with cruel, dying, southeasters throughout the summer, it’s a case of adapt or die; so consider indigenous plants.

Harmful invasive alien species compete with indigenous species for resources (i.e. water, food, space), or cause genetic contamination through interbreeding. Dense stands of invasive alien plants pose a fire risk and thereby threaten properties and livelihoods.

The European paper wasp (Polistes dominula) and the German wasp or yellow-jacket (Vespula germanica) have found the Cape Metro and Boland to be ideal habitat suited for their expansion.


Marine Reserve

Llandudno Beach is part of the Cape Town National Park Marine reserve and is a restricted or “no-take” zone where no fishing or extractive activities are allowed.

Hundreds of marine mammals, sea birds and other marine life succumb each year as a result of marine plastic pollution.

In 1991 regulations were promulgated prohibiting the disposal into the sea of ALL PLASTICS including but not limited to synthetic fishing nets and plastic garbage bags.

For the health, protection and conservation of our seas it would be appreciated ~ all those who use it for recreational and other purposes abide by these regulations.

The City of Cape Town refuse department provides clear bin bags in which residents should place all items for recycling for collection on Tuesday mornings.


There are many pathways joining roads and public open spaces all over Llandudno. So get your walking boots on and explore!