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Following the fires along our northern boundary in January, the SRA committee has
discussed with SANParks possible measures to further reduce the fire threat in this
area. Plans that are now being developed include:

  1.  to clear alien vegetation in the section that did not burn between the
    firebreak and the burnt area;
  2.  to remove dead and burnt blue gums over a section north of the firebreak;
  3. to undertake a controlled burn of the area between the firebreak and burnt

The outcome of this will be to reduce the fire load, improved aesthetics with the
removal of the blue gum trunks and the regeneration of fynbos.
Please find below information regarding a planned control burn via a SANParks
notice. The application process for a controlled burn normally takes in the order up
to eight weeks. The notice is one of the required steps of the application process.
Please note that the actual burn day will be carefully selected – a day of no wind
and low temperatures.

Jonathan Crowther 8 March 2023