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Llandudno Property Owners and Residents

The Llandudno residents formed a Llandudno City Improvement District (CID), known as a Special Rating Area (SRA), in 2015.

The term CID, refers to a specific geographical area, approved by the City Council, in terms of which complementary top-up services are provided in addition to those rendered City of Cape Town, in the normal course of events. The top-up services are rendered and paid for through the City’s mechanism, for the collection of municipal fees, for example for rates, water, electricity, sewerage etc.

The CID/SRA fees are collected by the City of Cape Town in the form of a special SRA Levy.

The SRA is a formal Board, of a non-profit company, an NPC, that is elected by the residents of Llandudno. It liaises to provide these top-up services for Llandudno. The scope of the area for these top-up services applies strictly to the provision of top-up services for public areas within the suburb of Llandudno. It is allocated funding by the City of Cape Town on the basis of the fees collected.