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Editor’s chirp Huck Endersby

As I write, it is bang in the middle of Winter, tomorrow is one minute longer than today, its downhill all the way to Summer and the sun is bravely shining but there is rain on the way. Although the Winter chill recently made itself felt, it’s kind of warming to see the surfers back in the waves and the many hikers on the mountain. I also have a roaring fire blazing away and my toes are warm!

I am sure we all have lockdown horror stories and my latest is that I found, to my frustration, that the Hout Bay municipal dump is shut indefinitely. But wait, Wynberg is open, wait again for catch 22, it’s only accepting garden refuse from accredited essential services! And here, we have been singing in the rain as our gardens roar back into life! Oh well, at least I might get a haircut.

Unfortunately there is also some bad news. Ashley Weaver wrote me and I copy pertinent extracts:
“On Friday morning, 12 June, on the brick road leading to the waste water plant I had an encounter with a dog, German Shepard. The dog was fast approaching me, growling and showing off his big teeth. His handler was standing 20 to 30 meters away typing on his phone. My request to him to restrain his dog was answered with a hand wave to just walk past while he continued typing away on his phone.

At about the same time one of my colleagues, working along the Sandy Bay path, was attacked and bitten at approximately 10:30am. He was approached by two huge vicious dogs (the size of a boerboel with a slimmer body) which were brown in colour with short glossy coats that were walking about 200 meters ahead of their handler. One of the dogs bit him on his leg. I suspect that these were the same two dogs that also came for me about two weeks ago on the same path, this time with the owner following meters behind. I don’t think that these are necessary vicious pets, but that they might feel threatened by the tools we work with. Can you please request some sort of cooperation from the residents as we have to restrain ourselves when we defend ourselves from such attacks? The result can be very costly for us as a company as we have to cover the doctor’s bill and pay the team member in his absence while he recovers.”

On Sunday morning 14th June Llandudno had a further incident with 2 dogs that were “rondlooping” and this unfortunately resulted in the death of one of Leeukoppie Road’s special main coon cats. Our hearts go out to the owners of this beautiful cat – taken before her time. Thankyou the neighbours who helped!

Back to me: There are dog owners and dog handlers who have empathy with their animals, care for them and control them and there are those that simply do not give a damn. The bye laws say something like: “Dogs in public, shall be under the control of owners at all times. If control means under a leash, so be it. If the dog is trained and off leash and instantly responds to its owner’s commands, it is “under control”. For any dog in public, not under the control of its owner, the owner may be found guilty of an offence and subject to a fine. Recognise yourself or your dog handler or your dogs in the above? Please shake up your ideas and give a damn!

While I am on a roll, the bye laws also refer to docschitte. You can be fined if you are reported for not picking it up or even walking your dog without the necessary bag to pick it up. In this case, if you recognise yourself etc., etc., please shake them again, but this time, please give a schitte…to the bin!

Margie Mackenzie’s reflections.
What a turbulent and difficult couple of years we have had to face. From a serious drought and drastic water restrictions, to power outages and rolling blackouts and now the Covid19 pandemic with lockdown. These have really tested all of us and devastated the poor and underprivileged.
Whilst still reeling from the above shocks, some incredible initiatives and heart-warming stories are being told of the kindness and generosity of people and great entrepreneurial initiatives that have emerged from the smouldering ashes. The drought taught us the value of running water and how not to waste this precious natural resource. It forced people to look at ways of saving water and store a natural renewable supply. Mr JoJo tank thanked his lucky stars as so many Llandudno Residents, and many others, installed his rainwater tanks to save water and replaced much of their thirsty garden vegetation with water wise indigenous gardens.

Then came rolling blackouts and a call to look at renewable energy supplies to power our homes, independent of Eskom. Generators and solar panels were rapidly installed with power invertors. Some, can now rely on sun and wind to power their homes and the National power grid, and in the long term, move away from the use of a power supply that relies on the burning of fossil fuels which also damage our environment.

Then came the Covid19 pandemic with the devastating global loss of life forcing us into lockdowns in our homes in this beautiful suburb. It forced many residents to introspect and look at helping others. Thanks to those wonderful feeding initiatives and so many generous donations made by Llandudno residents from food, clothing, furniture and money. It forced many of us to look at the way we live and donate unnecessary excess and in so doing help others. It has been a time of family bonding, learning to cook via virtual cooking lessons, catching up on long overdue home repairs and, for some, a forced period of long overdue rest. Amazing initiatives have been born with lockdown and, once again, we have been forced to look respectfully at the sustainability of and source of food supply. Home veggie gardens were planted and the upsurge of organic vegetable, meat and dairy home deliveries exploded. The difference in quality and flavour is marked and for many going back to pre-packaged, irradiated food from a crowded supermarket is a thing of the past.
Lockdown has been devastating for many residents whose businesses have been forced to close. This I believe will however present these seasoned and traditionally successful entrepreneurs an opportunity to look at new ways of moving forward and reinventing themselves. An urgent appeal to please remember to look after your neighbour if they find themselves in this position and don’t be afraid to ask for Llandudno community support. We house a powerhouse of incredible entrepreneurs and I believe that a powerful collective business community network is available to help those residents in need. Thank you all residents of Llandudno for stepping up to the mark through all these adversities and doing what you can to make our suburb and planet a better place to live in.

Eileen Wilton’s tail piece

COARNA VIRUS: In a briefing on Monday 22nd June, Prof. Salim Abdool Karim, Chairperson of the SA Covid-19 Ministerial Advisory Committee advises: “…As we enter Level 3 Lockdown, it is tempting to start living life as ‘normal’ and thinking that we are past the danger. However, this past week we crossed to the >100,000 people who have/had Covid-19”. He furthermore advises that this easing of lockdowns has to do as much with economic and lockdown realities. We are therefore moving into the stage of “Co-Existing with Corona”. In stage 3 he advises that we understand that we are not in a sprint, rather a marathon. Therefore we have to rely on SA/our people to be “Self-Efficacious”. Self-isolating where necessary – if contact with infected persons has occurred; and practising social distancing and good hygiene. Stay Safe Residents of Llandudno as we are at increased risk of Covid-19.
SRA PRIORTTIES: In light of the Corona pandemic and the terrible disparities we see between us and the communities around us, we have taken a proactive response to our security. We have been both mindful that security and peace of mind for our residents is a key concern; as well as the Corona pandemic and the financial realities of the economic effects. We have supplemented our security services, and approved additional day time patrols. Whilst this comes at an extra cost, this cost is not being passed on to residents as we have postponed all project work and are utilising funds the City reserves for future debts. This approach will continue until we are sure the situation has returned to some version of the new normal.

Cheers, the Llandudno SRA Team