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While the SRA is providing an early-warning perimeter detection system (long-range thermal cameras and other confidential sensors); for the Individual Streets/Cul-de-Sacs Cameras…we still have to rely on specifically donated cameras. This is the precedent already set long-ago…so we have to stick to it; otherwise in-fairness we would have to refund the prior donations for the many cameras already installed. So that is where we have drawn-the-line: Street/Cul-de-Sac cameras are donations….Long-Range Thermals & Sensors are SRA. Additionally, the existing infrastructure to support communications and monitoring of these cameras is limited; so some discretion has to be exercised by the SRA administrators in how-many and what view the cameras are adding to the overall community security. If any home-owner or group-of-home-owners wants to contribute; please contact: