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Make sure you do the right thing.

Do not leave outside doors or windows open and unattended.
Do not leave keys in the locks of glass doors – glass can be easily broken and the door unlocked.
Ensure that sliding doors cannot be lifted off their tracks.
Use strategically located lighting.
Make sure there are no large and dense shrubs growing near windows or doors.
Keep outer doors locked when alone.
Identify visitors before opening a door.
Always keep your valuables locked away when unattended.
Notify ADT when your property will be unoccupied for prolonged periods of ime.
Get to know your security organisation and have the number easily available.
Report ANY suspicious people or vehicles to ADT immediately.
If you have become a victim, please contact ADT AND open a case at SAPS and get the case number.
Homeowners who let out their premises are requested to acquaint their holiday or permanent tenants with arrangements regarding safety & security.
Motor vehicles parked in the dark at night and left open are compellingly attractive to criminals and particularly so it articles of value are visible.
Alarm and panic systems, where installed, should be checked for correct functioning and used always.
Security of unoccupied houses
SecurityThere are regular occurrences of theft from empty houses that are in the process of being sold or waiting for new tenants.

It is critical that owners and agents take basic actions to prevent these crime events as the problem could become bigger with neighbours being affected as well.

Minimum security action to take for properties that are unoccupied:

Remove Post from the Letter Box
Close Curtains / Blinds
Timer lights – simple timer switch to lights around the property set at random times.
Access to the property. If the Armed Response Officer (ARO) cannot go in and inspect and cannot see over the secured walls, it is not possible for the ARO to respond. If necessary install a gate keypad so that the ADT ARO can have access.