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The SRA contracts Coast Care to supplement the services provided by the City of Cape Town.


Definition of boundary of responsibility:

1. All the area within the residential boundary of Llandudno
2. With the area of the Lifesavers Clubhouse and Llandudno beach specifically excluded.

Time of attendance:

1. 5 days per week…weather permitting.
2. 09h00 until 16h30 with half an hour for lunch and two shorter tea breaks.

Composition of Coast Care Team

1. 2 persons including a supervisor.

Routine work:

The work set out below should be conducted over and routinely fully completed each month. From autumn to spring when the grass grows, a second pass will be needed at some of these jobs.

Specific routine job locations:

1. Entrance to Llandudno off Victoria Road and veld below the entrance.
2. Mountain side verge and wall from above entrance down to the first house.
3. Garden at stop street/post box…both sides of the road and leading on down Llandudno Road to the school
4. Litter collection and trimming of verges and gutters abutting POS and vacant plots but NOT verges and gutters abutting private dwellings. But trimming all bushes obscuring road signs and obstructing car parking places.
5. Litter collection and trimming of footpaths:

  • Foot paths running down from Llandudno Road through Apostle Road, Logies Bay Road and in to lower Llandudno Road.
  • Footpath running from Llandudno Road through Llandudno Club past the school.
  • Footpaths connecting Fisherman’s Bend down to Leeukoppie Road and down to Steens Way.
  • Foot path from behind post box In Fisherman’s and down to Steensway and then down over the wooden bridge on to the Gully Path and to the beach.
  • Footpath from end of Sunset Close down through POS  to Leeukoppie Road
  • Footpath from hairpin bend and small car park in Sunset Avenue down bordering POS to Sandy Bay car park and Sandy Bay car park and environs.
  • Coastal footpath from Gully beach path near public toilets through to Sunset Rocks.
  • Green belt above Llandudno beach excluding the Lifesavers club house to the filtration plant and Logies Rocks.
  • Llandudno road all the way down to and including the main beach car park and surrounds.
  • Both the Gully stream and Lierman’s stream to be cleaned and invasive aliens eliminated from time to time.
  • Main Beach shower area: to trim reeds and grass back
  • Invasive alien vegetation to be cleared from vacant private land and the SRA will attempt to recover the cost from the owners. Coast Care monthly invoices should clearly indicate this work done for SRA attention.

6. Graffiti. Using materials and products supplied by SRA, Coast Care will clean selected vandalised areas in public open spaces, on public footpaths and in the Admiralty strip


1. In addition to the above routine work, projects will be identified by either SRA or Coast Care but will be agreed in advance as to their timing and additional charges.
2. Projects will be carried out either on weekends or using additional labour.

Accumulated cuttings and litter

1. All accumulated cuttings and litter collected by Coast Care will be removed by Coast Care unless a large accumulation occurs when City Parks will be asked to assist.
2. City Parks to be notified at the completion of any such accumulation and requested to arrange removal.

Coast Care Private Work:

1. Coast Care private work is encouraged in Llandudno; however private work must NEVER be performed at the expense of paid SRA work.
2. ALL requests from Llandudno residents for private work MUST be directed to Ashley Weaver (Weaver’s Horticultural Services) 072 062 8414 who will co ordinate such private work and collect the necessary remuneration as appropriate.

Huck Endersby
20 September 2017