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A reminder to all residents – garbage collection for non-hazardous domestic and trade waste only takes place on a Tuesday morning.  Collection of recyling also takes place on a Tuesday morning.

Bins must be put out on Tuesday morning early as the refuse truck arrives around 7h30.  If you put your refuse out the night before please watch out for the ‘bin scratchers’ and move your bin inside if they appear.  ADT may request that you take your bin back onto your property if the bin scratchers are around.

All forms of hazardous waste, builder’s rubble, sand and waste generated as part of any manufacturing process are excluded from the service. No garden / domestic refuse will be removed that is not “inside” the wheelie bin, i.e. the service only covers waste contained within the wheelie bin such that the lid closes completely. Overflowing containers and additional waste placed alongside the wheelie bin will not be removed.

All enquiries regarding the service, or to order additional bins are to be directed to the Solid Waste Control Centre 0860 102640.

Wheelie bins may only be put out on the morning of collection and may not constitute a traffic hazard.

Recyclable goods are collected separately from the above and are placed with the wheelie bin on Tuesday mornings.

This service provider supplies clear plastic bags for this service.
Garden refuse and other goods for recycling can be dropped free of charge at the tip turn right on the road up to Imizamo Yetho.