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Marine Reserve

Llandudno Beach is part of the Cape Town National Park Marine reserve and is a restricted or “no-take” zone where no fishing or extractive activities are allowed.

Refer to the SANParks Table Mountain Reserve Website for more information.


Whales and Dolphins

The Humpback, Bryde’s and Southern Right whales are the most common, off our shores but keep your eyes peeled. Killer Whales have visited us tool From time to time. Pods. of dolphins and seals frolic offshore and in the bay. They are the Dusky, Bottle Nose, Common and Heavyside dolphins amongst others.

It is Illegal to catch crayfish along Llandudno’s coast. The coast around Llandudno is nature reserve and no collection of living matter is permitted. Poachers do operate in the area. Poachers are dangerous and should be reported to the SA police.


No person shall catch, kill, disturb or harass any whale at any time. Disturb or harass shall also include approaching closer than 300 meters to any whale. In the event of a whale surfacing closer than 300 meters from a vessel, the person in charge of such vessel must move 300 meters from the whale.


Disturbance includes chasing or herding dolphins in a boat or other craft or driving through a school in a powerboat. It is advisable, if a school of dolphins surrounds a vessel, to cut the engines. It is not an offence if dolphins join your vessel to bowride or to swim and surf with dolphins.