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EDITOR’S CHIRP – Huck Endersby

Here we are, all of us, reeling under the relentless body blows of Covid 19, the ensuing Lockdown and all the other impacts and restrictions piling up around and over us globally, nationally, in our suburbs and even in our, quieter than ever, Llandudno. The media overwhelms us on a 24/ 7 basis with news on the subject, most of it gloom and doom and much of it fake, all of it sensational… hey, good news doesn’t sell, does it? This Tsunami of information, naturally informs us but also puts the fear of God into us and, psychologically, few of us are living in a good space but perhaps allowing us, if we only look for them, glimpses of fluttering hope and sunshine which we can reach out to for warmth and comfort.

LLANDUDNO NEWS – Autumn 2020

I am sure, putting one’s mind to it will offer many such examples. Just now the advancing Winter and the seas battering our beach and coastline, paint a familiar scene of rugged power, bursting with its own stunning beauty in the wintery sunshine. The mountains behind us, the bush and beach before us and even our own gardens, so parched after a dry and harsh Summer, are reaching forth, with grateful and early growth, to continue the cycle of creation. With the first of the Winter sea storms, the stark beauty and reality of our dwindling beach lunges, even more, at our senses by the almost complete absence of people, as do our surrounding mountains, trailing with our favourite, yet empty, footpaths and the empty streets and connecting arteries, over the mountain, to the once bright lights.

We are so fortunate to be able to cherish all these surroundings of beauty and, occasionally, our lives are peppered with the odd good news stories. There is one such story, far too close to home for comfort but it is one with a happy conclusion and I want to share it. Our only son, James, who with his wife and two kids, choose to live in London, returned, over a month ago, from a biz trip to New York. Within days, he was self-isolating, a week later, Sarah went down with the Corona Virus too and for good measure, the kids picked up chicken pox! Sunday, they sent us a video of them all energetically hiking on Wimbledon Common, on a stunning Spring day, in the rudest of fine health.

We, all of us, are where we are because of pluck, ambition and determination. We have all overcome difficulties in our lives and we will surmount the latest challenges too. Perhaps that pint beer mug is, at the very least, “half full!”

Some other cheerful bits: The New Forest has come through a blistering Summer with little damage, is relishing the recent rain and looking forward to more. I firmly believe that the tap roots of all the “treelings” have mined down to below the Gully Stream water table which, in turn, has risen since we whacked the “post box” blue gums! Ashley Weaver is a victim, business wise, of the lock down but the good news is that the causes of much of his work load, dumping and littering, are not to be seen either and Llandudno is looking in pretty good shape.

CHEERS, Your Team

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