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Llandudno is an open community providing access to two of South Africa’s finest beaches and surrounding national park. All of the streets are public with neither booms nor entrance requirements. The streets in the old section are narrow with limited public parking and we ask that everyone respect the parking regulations for the safety and enjoyment of all.

The LSRA desires that our community and adjoining park & beaches are safe, clean, and accessible to all. We work closely with the relevant government organizations, contractors, and residents in realising this goal. Security Service Providers (SSP’s) contracted by residents to provide security for their private properties are asked to coordinate their efforts with the HBNW via WATCHCON. Separately, SSP’s are appointed by the LSRA in support roles in strict adherence to the laws, by-laws and regulations; as well as the Code of Conduct of the PSIRA which requires a high degree of professional & fair conduct.

SSP’s fulfil an important function in assisting residents and visitors by reporting and monitoring unsafe or suspicious activities to the appropriate authorities (SA Police Services, Metro and Traffic Police, Fire and Rescue, Antipoaching units, etc.). Their presence in our community constitutes an invaluable deterrent and early warning system. Although SSP’s cannot perform a policing function in public areas, personnel of SSP’s nonetheless have the usual citizen’s rights to self-defense, and may also legally effect a citizen’s arrest of a person who commits or attempts to commit a Schedule 1 (serious) offence in his (her) presence, or whom he (she) reasonably suspects of having committed a Schedule 1 offence (in terms of the Criminal Procedure Act 51/1977).

The LSRA wants everyone who comes to Llandudno to feel welcome and leave with a positive experience. We take pride in our long-standing-tradition of sharing our open community with the World. If we are not living-up to this goal, please send any complaints involving safety & security to: Serious or urgent matters can be reported to the proper authorities via WATCHCON (021 790 9333).