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DSTV Logies Bay Dish Roads & Maori Dish Roads

Smart Village notification: 
Smart Village to commence project to sort out exposed cabling

The duration of the project is minimum 10 working days depending on the weather.
There is approximately 4km of Fibre to be addressed in terms of repair and re-instatement.
Please note that during this timeframe there will be breaks in service and an sms notification will be sent out accordingly during the various stages of works that may result the service breaks. 
 All Queries: Residents must contact with Smart Village  directly :  Call Center: 0861 845 5243 OR Majda Haroun 0860 104 669 (selection option 2) OR email

From  4 August 2014

Information for Residents, Tenants and Property Agents of Maori, Liermans, Logies Bay and Apostle Roads especially if users of the  A-Tec cable DSTV network – this notificatin impacts Apostle, Logies, Liermans, Maori, St Marks, Simpson, Robinson and some houses next to the Gully in Leeukoppie:

  • All heritage network customers that applied now have fibre optic service to their homes.
  • LNB replaced & dish repositioned. Bad weather reception is now as good as it can ever be. This requires to be understood. Reception is holding up better than expected in heavy rain.
  • Plans are with council for permanent trunking. Microducting is the only solution & council have to approve as it is non standard to their regulations.
  • As soon as plans are approved ducting will be installed. Council will not commit to a deadline. We require to be patient.
  • Once ducting is installed other services over fibre optic will become available.

Smart Village Application Form:

SV – Services Application Form – Llandudno 13

Properties currently connected to the previous ATEC network must complete the Smart Village Application Form to be connected to the new Smart Village Network.  There are charges to join the SV network – detailed in the Notification Letter from SV.

28 Feb list of connections:

Llandudno Phase 2 spreadsheet 7 2 28 Feb 14

Notification Letter from Smart Village

Smart Village MD Letter

Impacted Roads Resident’s Committee:

You can email the impacted Llandudno Residents Liaison Committee


2013 HISTORY………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

4 Dec :

2) Residents Committee Update : Logies, Apostle, St Marks & Llandudno (Top) Roads

Update from the interested residents road team.

Please be patient.

We liaise continuously with Smart Village & their contractors & do a daily physical inspection of progress.

It is our experience, thus far, that Smart Village is going the extra mile to ensure that the job is done competently & on time.

They are installing excellent equipment & are listening to our requests to obviate power interruption etc. which has plagued the old networks. The roadside spine that you see at present is temporary & will be placed in COCT compliant conduits at the correct depth in the New Year.

Examples of issues faced by SV to date. This listing is not exhaustive. Previous owners ATEC did no maintenance of the physical infrastructure whatsoever.

–    Unknown connections ~ some of them very long
–    Conduits (pipes) blocked by mud & foreign objects
–    Crushed conduits
–    No conduits
–    Spine obstructions such as driveways, kerb stones, paving, old cement & rocks
–    Unauthorised use of Telkom conduits by previous network owners
–    Non compliant conduit routing ~ cemented in place
–    New subscribers requesting connection to the network while endeavouring to service                       heritage subscribers first
–    Uncooperative & critical residents
–    Residents trying to jump the queue
–    Owners that cannot be contacted
–    Delay in one supplier delivering equipment. Spine laying delayed by 1.5 days

Your understanding & cooperation would be appreciated.

You can email the SV Llandudno Residents Committee using

Smart Village  bought the ATEC DSTV network on 1 November 2013 and has immediately commenced a project to remove the existing network and replace it with a fibre optic network.

20 November 2013: Smart Village has notified that the Logies-dish-group (Apostle, St Marks and Logies) will be switched off 21 November to install fibre cable.  Reconnection will start Monday 25 Nov  and be completed end Tuesday 26 Nov.  Logies, Apostle and St Marks will not have DSTV signal between 21 Nov and 26 Nov.

Smart Village has advised that the Maori-dish-roads cable will be replaced in January 2014 (date tba). 

Maori-dish-roads and Logies-dish-roads: Effective immediately, to log technical faults contact the Smart Village Contact Centre 0861 8455243 (VILLAGE) or via email

Notification Letter from Smart Village

Smart Village MD Letter

Smart Village DSTV Fibre Network update.

Smart Village A Converged Fibre Optic DSTV Solutions Provider.

Dear Llandudno Resident

We are very proud to introduce Smart Village to you as a leader in DStv Signal Distribution.
The Fusion of Lifestyle and Technology is becoming a 21st Century norm as people continue to incorporate evolving technologies such as fibre optic DSTV provisioning into their daily lives. …….(continues)

Please ensure you read the full letter from Smart Village by clicking on the letter icon above.

Letter from the MD of ATEC

ATEC MD Notification of Sale


 Subject: Smart Village take over TV Distribution Services from ATEC

Dear Residents,

During the last couple of months, intensive negotiations have taken place between Smart Village and ATEC, regarding the takeover of the FibreSuburbsTM in the Llundudno and surrounding areas. These intensive negotiations were finalised this week, and the final contract has been back dated to 1 November 2013……..(continues)

Please ensure you read the full letter from Smart Village by clicking on the letter icon above..

Please contact Smart Village  if you have questions about the sale and ongoing support:


 Information and Notices


23 November:

23 November DSTV Maori Liermans Simpson Leeukoppie Roads – IMPORTANT NOTICE

20 November:

20 November DSTV Logies Apostle St Marks 5-6 days downtime

Map of ATEC Network

 llandudno atec pdf layout

Definition: ‘MALL‘ is an Acronym of the first letters of the 4 impacted Roads Maori, Apostle, Logies and Liermans – 20 Nov – new information also  includes Simpson, St Marks, Robinson and some houses next to the Gully in Leeukoppie

Question & Answer Document- *new Q&A 6 Nov* :

QA Llandudno MALL Smart Village DSTV v1.1 6 Nov 2013

MALL Communication Emails 4 Nov:




 Minutes 1 November Smart Village / MALL Residents Meeting

Minutes SmartVillage_Llandudno Meeting 1 Nov